Sole Talk 14: Sweft Washington, First Class Solo Dancer

Sweft Washington is a first class solo dancer from Houston, TX.  He's a former Houston Comet's dancer, has taught and performed overseas, and has owned his owned dance company.  Sweft joins us on Sole Talk to discuss the lessons he's learned as a freelance dancer living in another country.

In this episode of Sole Talk, Sweft shares:

  • The importance of being open and persistent when new opportunities arise.
  • The value of asking for what you need discussing a new project offer.
  • The importance of establishing a great work ethic and reputation in the business.
  • The importance of asking other working dancers for advice when you're first getting started.

Check out Sweft's incredibly insightful story!

About Sweft

Sweft Washington is an American, entrepreneurial choreographer, artistic director, actor, model, martial artist and motivational figure.  Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Sweft started his professional career as a dancer for the Houston Rockets basketball organization in 2005 and 2006.

Over the years, Sweft built a stellar reputation as a motivational figure in the Houston community and started his own professional dance company in 2009.  Later, a modeling agency, personal fashion brand and a short film productions division was added to the company.  He’s been privileged to work with artist such as Beyonce (B.E.T. Soul Train Awards, 2013), Michael Jackson’s “This is it” dancer, Chris Grant and Beyonce’s Creative Director, Frank Gaston.

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