Sole Talk 15: Anthony Harris, Co-Founder of Dance Mogul Magazine

Anthony Harris is a dancer and instructor from New Jersey.  He grew up a troubled youth, and was able to get back on track after he found dance.  He was the member of a urban dance company that afforded him the opportunity to perform on tour, in music videos, and more.  He and his father founded Dance Mogul Magazine, which is an awesome platform they use to empower dancers.

In this episode of Sole Talk, Anthony shares:

  • Why you should use your gifts to elevate yourself.
  • The importance of owning your own web presence apart from social media profiles. 
  • The value of preparation and patience.
  • How he started a dance magazine, and some of the obstacles he's faced along the way.
  • The value of professional development in creating a sustainable career.

Check out Anthony's inspiring story here!

About Anthony Harris

The story of Anthony Harris starts off with a young troubled youth that could never seem to make the right decisions. The result of those actions caused him to get kicked out of schools constantly which finally caught up to him in his early years in high school. He was dismissed from his high school and forced to be home schooled due to bad behavior.

Even though Anthony’s dad was a dancer it never interested him.  However, after seeing the film "Breakin" , but while being home schooled Anthony had the opportunity to see the revolution street dance film “Breakin”, Anthony came to see dance as an outlet.  He was soon able to work his way back into school and dance his way to graduation. 

After high school Anthony transformed into a bright, ambitious, hard-working, committed, and goal oriented young man. One of his most praised accomplishments is his commitment to spreading the importance of arts and education and its benefits to young children. While expanding on his arts outreach program, he joined forces with four other young men to form the popular five member dance group, Envy, out of New Jersey.

Envy Dance Group specialized in a variety of street styles such as popping and locking. At this point, Anthony has been dancing for over 10 years. Some of his credits include the Grand Opening of Newark’s Prudential Arena, BET’s Spring Bling, Showtime at the Apollo Dance Competition, and more. 

In addition to these accomplishments, Anthony also instructs dance classes all over NJ.  He is committed to providing a positive alternative for urban youth every where.  Anthony believes that if he can do it, we all can do it.

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