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Sole Talk 17: Shate Edwards, Founder of The Working Dancer

Shate' Edwards is a choreographer, entertainment producer, and entrepreneur.  She earned a MFA in dance and served for several years as a dance professor in the DFW area.  She's the author of The Freelance Dancer's Roadmap as well as articles in several dance magazines.  In addition to her work as a choreographer, producer, and dance educator, Shate' also founded The Working Dancer to educate aspiring and early career dancers about creating sustainable careers.  

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Sole Talk 15: Anthony Harris, Co-Founder of Dance Mogul Magazine

Anthony Harris is a dancer and instructor from New Jersey.  He grew up a troubled youth, and was able to get back on track after he found dance.  He was the member of a urban dance company that afforded him the opportunity to perform on tour, in music videos, and more.  He and his father founded Dance Mogul Magazine, which is an awesome platform they use to empower dancers.  

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