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Sole Talk 17: Shate Edwards, Founder of The Working Dancer

Shate' Edwards is a choreographer, entertainment producer, and entrepreneur.  She earned a MFA in dance and served for several years as a dance professor in the DFW area.  She's the author of The Freelance Dancer's Roadmap as well as articles in several dance magazines.  In addition to her work as a choreographer, producer, and dance educator, Shate' also founded The Working Dancer to educate aspiring and early career dancers about creating sustainable careers.  

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Sole Talk 14: Sweft Washington, First Class Solo Dancer

Sweft Washington is a first class solo dancer from Houston, TX.  He's a former Houston Comet's dancer, has taught and performed overseas, and has owned his owned dance company.  Sweft joins us on Sole Talk to discuss the lessons he's learned as a freelance dancer living in another country.  

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