Nail Your Whole Dance Career by Doing This One Thing

When I was first starting my dance career, I crashed and burned more times than I care to admit.  I compared myself to other dancers, doubted my abilities, second guessed my worth, and quite often shrunk back in fear.

Let's be clear, I was a beast in class, but when it came to putting myself out there to move the needle forward in my career, those beginning stages were VERY rocky for me.  

After some time, soul searching, and investing in my total self (not just my talent), I stumbled upon something that changed the way I approached my career.  Once I started doing this one thing, I soon blossomed and so did my pursuit.  I slowly began nailing my auditions, standing out in class, and building a steady stream of work.

If I had done this one thing from the very beginning, I could have saved myself so much heartache and lessons learned the hard way. Thankfully, those very lessons will help you have a much smoother start on your journey than I did.  Continue reading to discover the one thing you should do now to start making your way towards success in your dance career.

The one thing you should be doing on your journey to becoming a professional dancer is starting every effort with YOURSELF in mind.  Not your ego.  YOU.  The you that exists on the deepest level.  Be self-serving to that part of you.  

Here's more clarity on that.  The ego is self-serving in ways that crave attention, praise, and other superficial things.  The deepest level you will be self-serving in ways that crave the highest and best outcome for your life.

To put this idea into perspective, here's how being self-serving the right way plays out in your dance career pursuit.

1.  Career Choice

Before you take any real action towards becoming a professional dancer, you must first decide on the type of dance career you'd like to have. The ego may urge you to make this decision based on  fame or getting into the best circles.  However, when you focus on serving the deepest level you, you may instead consider your strengths, other interests, or even how you can help or inspire others doing this work, which will lead to a more fulfilling career in the long run.

2. Professional Materials

Your headshot, resume, website, social media profiles, reels, etc. all aid in branding you as a professional dancer.  If you approach your career in service to your ego, you may be tempted to overdo your look to hide insecurities, or you could build your look based on what seems to be working for someone else.  Building your brand and your materials in service to the real you, on the other hand, means you're mindful of your strengths and your value as you present yourself to the community for work.

3.  Auditions

This snippet from one of our episodes of Sole Talk illustrates this one best.  Doing this one thing in auditions means that you go in understanding and celebrating your gifts despite the possibility of rejection.       


4. In Class

Same here.  When you're doing this one thing in class, you free yourself up to compete only with yourself, which is your only real competition anyways, right?  You're able to go into class with no other agenda except to invest in your love of dance and to become a better you in the process.

5. On the Job

Work ethic on the job is one of those things that can set you up to either get more work, or it can end your career.  Ego says, "it's all about me."  Your true self says, "it's all about being my best so that the project can be its best."  See the difference?

The takeaway is simple.  Embark upon this journey towards becoming a professional dancer with intentions to celebrate your gifts and your worth, to build some great relationships, and to become a better you.  When you get out of your head and resist comparing yourself to the dancers around you, you're able to be present in the process every step of the way.

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