Work Like a Pro: Why It's So Important for Dancers to Have Their Own Website

When you're learning how to become a professional dancer, you're probably well aware that it takes more than talent to build a successful career.  In addition to skill, you must also build relationships, have a great work ethic, and have high quality professional materials.

In fact, when it comes to auditioning and self-submitting, your materials can be the key to you getting the job or not.  We all know that a great headshot and resume are a necessity to being a professional dancer, but why not go the extra mile?  Keep reading to find out why it's so important for you to have your own website too.  

1.  A website can represent you and your work when you can't attend an audition.

Auditioning is a huge part of the job for dancers, and there will be times when you simply can't attend.  Maybe you're already booked on another project.  Maybe you're out of town.  Whatever the case, having a website can represent you when you can't physically be there.

Your headshot and resume can show a production team your look and your past experience, but they cannot show how well you move.  Having a website allows you to showcase your credits AND your movement skills by offering the added benefit of sharing your videos as well.

2.  You don't own your content on YouTube or social media.

Some artists think it's enough to upload their work onto YouTube or some other site as a way to work around setting up a professional website.  While it may be a convenient substitution, there's one HUGE problem with going this route: you don't own the content you're sharing. 

If any of the social media sites went down, or worse, out of business, all of your content and web presence goes with them.  Since you're doing all of the work to build your career anyways, take control over your web presence too.  Take the extra step to build a website of your very own.

3.  Having a professional website sets you apart from amateurs.

In this digital age, it's easier than ever to create a website.  Gone are the days that you have to spend an arm and a leg for someone else to design a site for you.  You can create a simple yet effective website for the cost of a few days worth of lunch and a bit of your time.

To create a professional image for you and your work, avoid using free sites that attach their branding to your domain or website.  Make the extra investment into your career, and develop materials that showcase you as the professional that you are.

Here's the takeaway:  If you want to be seen and treated as a professional, you've got to act to like one.  This means investing in your craft, doing the work, and building a strong, quality presence through your work ethic and professional materials.

Get to work like a pro with our 'Web Design for Dancers' service.  We can set you up with a simple one-page site or a full site with 4+ pages.  Level up your web presence today! 

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