Your Only Competition is YOU!

Friend, I hope you know that fear likes to rear its sneaky little head in so many different ways.  Hate, envy, greed, and division are all symptoms of FEAR.

They are fear of the unknown.  Fear of not having enough.  Fear of not being good enough.  Fear of failure.  

You name it.  There's a fear app for that.  

Take all of the division going on in our nation right now.  Just another example of FEAR getting all up in people's mix.  

And just as fear surfaces in politics, and family issues, and more, it can also show up in our performance careers. 

When performers are uber competitive, unwilling to help others, unwilling to share connections, or unwilling to share audition info...just to name a few...those are clear signs that something deeper is going on.  In these cases, fear is back stage calling all the shots.  People who do those things are afraid that someone else will take their jobs or get ahead before them.  

But instead of letting fear put puppet strings on your personal and professional life, operate from this truth instead.  

Check out my video to see what I mean.

Your Only Competition is You - The Working Dancer.jpg

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