Sole Talk 0.9: Molly Mahoney, Founder of The Prepared Performer

Molly Mahoney, my recent guest on Sole Talk, is a triple threat performer who's toured with Broadway productions, been featured on TV shows, and more.  In addition to performing, she also runs The Prepared Performer, through which she offers vocal, camera, and business coaching services.

In this episode, Molly discusses:

  • The importance of being a well rounded performer.
  • How your performance career is your business and why business skills are essential to your success.
  • Why you shouldn't go into auditions trying to please others, but why you should use them to celebrate yourself instead.
  • How she earned $35K in 3 months using FB Live and how she's teaching her clients to do the same.

Check out Molly's great vibes and awesome insight!

About Molly:

Molly Mahoney is a vocal performance/business coach, speaker, author, and owner of The Prepared Performer. After graduating from Chapman University with a BFA in Theater and Dance, she toured the world working professionally as a performer for more than 10 years.

She now uses all that she learned building her performance career in NYC, on Cruise Ships, Regional Theaters and in Las Vegas in order to help her students and clients unlock their inner awesome and elevate it so they can share their goodness with clarity, confidence, and (most importantly) joy. With her program, Camera Confidence, she shows business owners and their teams how to build their audience and boost their profits using Facebook Live. When not celebrating the goodness of her clients, she loves cuddling her 4 and 2 year old boys and singing with her bass playing husband and their jazz ensemble, Her Lucky Stars.

Shakespeare said it best, all the world really is a stage.  And it’s time to take your show on the road!

 Check out Molly's Free Live Video Master Class:

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