Sole Talk #3: Spotlight on Dance Writers

Hey dance folks.  

Remember that discussion we had about finding a way to incorporate your other interests into your dance career?  I mentioned that freelancing for performance, choreography, or teaching jobs isn't for everyone, and I gave you a list of 10 Non-Performance Dance Jobs to get your wheels spinning about jobs that could be a good match for you.

Within that list, I suggested a dance critic job for those of you who many enjoy writing. Being a dance critic, as you probably already know, consists of writing reviews of dance performances.  

And I really thought that was all there was to it.  

Apparently, there's more to being a dance writer than that.  Cheryl Callon, a dance writer for TheaterJones joined me on this week's session of Sole Talk.  She gave us the skinny on the life of a dance writer and shared suggestions on how to become one.

Check it out.

To Connect with Cheryl: * Twitter/IG - @CherylCallon * Yoga - * Yoga IG - @LionYogaTX 

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