Career Inspiration: 3 Books Every Dream Chaser Should Read

Okay. So I've gotten over the issues I had with 'dance' on the internet.  I've come to peace with what's out there, and I'm focused on doing my part to represent for other #WorkingDancers like me.

What matters to me is that we as #WorkingDancers are equipped to sustain our careers for the long haul.  There are already a number of resources out there to help you get work.  There are resources to help you craft your professional materials, and there are even a few resources to help you if you're interested in a dance career beyond the stage.

And lucky for you TWD fam, all of those resources and more were made available to you once you joined the movement.  If you've yet to join our Dance Fam, just hang tight.  I'll hook you up with that info later.

But for now, I'd like to get back to addressing our career concerns.  I'd like to move past what's already out there and suggest that we start treating our careers like a business.  What would happen if instead of just looking for the next gig, we started creating our own opportunities?  What if we managed our finances always being mindful of future goals? What if we planned for growth in a way that kept clients knocking on our doors instead of the other way around?

Imagine the amount of fulfillment we could have if we took our career into our own hands.  Imagine the FREEDOM, the JOY, the FINANCIAL STABILITY and abundance that we could have if we just planned and worked towards it.

I'm telling you, if I had that mindset in my 20's, who knows where I'd be by now.  Fortunately, I have enough wisdom to know that it's a blessing for us all that I didn't think that way then.  Because if I did, then may have never been born.

And I'm so grateful for this blog and the community of #WorkingDancers that we're creating.  I'm finding that as I dig deep to share my experiences and insight, and as I search for inspiration to share with you, I'm also getting everything I need for my own dance dreams.  

And speaking of inspiration, I've got plenty to share with you today.  

One of the interesting things about life is that we're only able to give as fully as we are filled.  That means, if you give and give and give without taking any time to nourish yourself, then you will eventually burn out and be left with nothing else to give.  Happens all the time.  In fact, it happened to me when I was living in LA.

Since then, I've been able to find ways to take care of myself, not just physically and spiritually, but creatively as well.  One of the many ways I'm able to stay inspired is by reading books.  I'm a storyteller, so I love a good story in any format, but there's something about turning the pages of a good book that relaxes me and gets my creative juices flowing.

With that, within the past few months, I've read several books that I just can't help but share with you.  In no particular order, here are my latest inspirations:

1. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist is an AMAZING book, probably one of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read.  It’s filled with universal truths and nuggets of wisdom.  I love that Coelho shows how the universe conspires to make our dreams come true when we seek them fully.  This is a great story of courage, love, and rising to your full potential.  True dream chasing at its finest!

2. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic is a great read about maintaining creative living.  What I love about the book is that Gilbert shares how she chose not to force her writing dreams to support her financially.  Instead, she worked other jobs so that she never lost her creative freedom in her writing.  Such a great example that even dancers could follow.

 3. The Power of Broke by Daymond John

The Power of Broke is great real life approaches to making your dreams come true.  Daymond John, the Shark Tank mogul, gives plenty of examples, including his own life story, of how average folks used the resources they had to make their dreams come true.  The stories are incredibly interesting and show us that where there’s a will, there is most assuredly a way. 

Amen to all of that! These books have inspired me to trust in my purpose, to be patient with my process, and to push myself to rise to new heights.  My hope is that they will do the same for you.

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