Give your students a leg up with a 'PRE to PRO Experience'!

Are your students prepared to enter the workforce as professional dancers? Do they know what it takes to build a sustainable dance career?

Here are the facts:

Dancers are among the lowest paid artists.  As dance is such a competitive industry, dancers consistently struggle to find work and secure financial stability.

The good news is that we can help to change that! While we can't single-handedly change the industry, we can educate dancers on how to navigate it wisely BEFORE they begin pursuing their career.

We spend so much time in class developing our movement skills and bodies.  It's time we invested as much energy on developing professional skills as well. 

Acquiring the proper career acumen before the pursuit ever begins closes the gap between education and the real world, helps dancers avoid some major pitfalls, and allows us to build a stronger, empowered dance community!

The 'PRE to PRO Experience' Includes:

  • Highly Qualified Master Instructors: Instruction and mentorship from master instructors who have years of professional dance experience, Masters degrees, and entrepreneurial or business experience. 
  • Morning Movement Class (1.5 hours): Master class with an emphasis on urban movement.  Styles include, but aren’t limited to, Afro Jazz, Hip-Hop, and House.
  • Dance Career 101 (1.5 hours): Activity based workshop covering the fundamental skills needed to build a sustainable professional dance career.  Topics can include Developing Professional Materials, Networking, Audition Etiquette, Work Ethic, Money Matters, and more. 
  • Break (1 hour): Students provide their own lunch.
  • Audition Class (1.5 hours): Mock audition to allow students to apply principles discussed in Dance Career 101.  Audition class focuses on picking up choreography quickly, audition etiquette, and confidence building.
  • Q&A (30 minutes): Students have an opportunity to ask career questions to working dance professionals.
  • Development Materials: Books, workbooks, and/or journals provided by The Working Dancer and Roger Lee Arts.

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