Sole Talk 20: Yung Chris, Touring Dancer and Founder of SonKiss'd Dance Theater


Chris 'Yung Chris' Thomas began dancing and entertaining the world at the young age of 7. By the time he was 11, Chris had features in commercials, news papers and television. During his teen years, he decided to pursue sports, but after college, he found his way back to his true love, dance. 

In 2007, Chris began traveling the world, teaching dance, and performing.  He instantly fell in
love with the road.  In 2011, Chris decided to relocate to Bangkok, Thailand as a dance instructor.  In Bangkok, he taught at an entertainment academy, worked with local pop stars, and also hosted
and performed at events around Southeast Asia.  After one year there, Chris brought his experience back to his hometown of Houston and started his company, Sonkiss'd Dance Theater.

By 2013, Chris had joined the ranks of the world famous Havikoro Crew. Five years later, he is still an active member of the crew and runs Sonkiss'd Dance Theater as artist director, leading the troupe on an amazing journey through dance and entertainment.  With Sonkiss'd Dance Theater,  Chris produces shows and productions across the nation.

When it comes to entertainment, Chris believes he can do anything.  His motto is, "God gave you a talent.  Use it.  That's your gift to the world."  With no signs of slowing down anytime soon, Chris is excited and ready for any challenge or opportunity that comes his way.

Watch or listen below to find out how Chris got started as well as his biggest challenges and tips!

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