Sole Talk 0.6: Tricia Gomez, Founder of Rhythm Works Integrative Dance

Former Laker Girl, Tricia Gomez, pops in to Sole Talk to discuss her successful career as a dancer and entrepreneur. Tricia owned a dance studio by age 17 and has had three other successful dance businesses since then.  

In this episode, Tricia shares:

  • How she booked Laker Girls, a commercial, and an agent within her very first week in LA.

  • How her injury and life tragedies have propelled her into dance businesses.

  • How she's breaking dance styles down to flashcards through her Dance In a Box business.

  • How she uses dance to help kids with special needs through, Rhythm Works Integrative Dance.

Tricia has such a great story that I can't wait to share.  Check it out.

Click the Following Links To Connect w/Tricia: Facebook | Dance In a Box | Rhythm Works Integrative Dance

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