Sole Talk 12: Lloyd 'Tranquil' Thompson, Founder of Tranquil Productions (UK)

Lloyd 'Tranquil' Thompson is a bboy from Bradford, England.  In addition to his role as a performer, he is also a teacher as well as the founder of Tranquil Productions, a production company that offers breaking and hip-hop entertainment and instruction.  He recently created Tranquil TV,  a Youtube channel that produces inspirational and breaking tutorials.

On this episode of Sole Talk, Lloyd shares:

  • The importance of training hard throughout your entire journey.
  • How hard work and preparation are sowing seeds for future opportunities.
  • The value of having a positive attitude and environment.
  • The importance of keeping your faith during your pursuit.

Check out Lloyd's wisdom and inspiring story!

About Lloyd 'Tranquil' Thompson:

Tranquil Productions began in 2004. Lloyd Thompson from Bradford, England is the Founder and current Director of the Company. He began dancing at his local church in the year 2000. What started as a hobby quickly became one of his main passions in life. After only two years of breakdancing, Lloyd Thompson, better known as Tranquil, began performing and teaching others this art form. By the age of 16, Tranquil had already performed at the Manchester Apollo Theatre in front of thousands. He was also part of a group of dancers who went to Bosnia, following the conflict, to try to help in the rebuilding of their community in Mostar.

With a wealth of experience, Lloyd Thompson began Tranquil Productions and started teaching in Bradford full time. He is recognized by Bradford Council and other established companies such as Kalasangam, Art works, Q20, Pro Kids and many more. His business grew, and now Tranquil teaches and performs all over the world. Miami and Boston in America, Croatia, Belgium, Paris, Belfast and Dublin in Europe are some of the locations he has worked in. In 2013 Tranquil also travelled to Japan and trained at OCAT station a famous Breakin Spot in Osaka with many other experienced and highly skilled dancers. One of Tranquil’s greatest working achievements has been performing for Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi in 2010.  

As well as expanding his business, Tranquil also competes regularly around the world. In 2008 he joined one of the best crews in the world: Flava Squad from the USA. Tranquil has won 10 different solo Bboy competitions. His greatest title is the Dirty 30’s European Open Age Champion 2011, which took place in Croatia. Tranquil is also part of Fireforce one of the top entertainment breakdance teams in the UK. Clean North is Tranquil’s hometown team, who’s members have a great deal of combined experience. There are many members of Clean North who also work for Tranquil Productions teaching, performing and dancing competitively all over the UK.

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