Sole Talk 0.5: Jojo Diggs, Founder of Diggs Deeper

We all know Jojo Diggs, right? International instructor, legendary Mop Top Crew member, and beast mode dancer?  The woman with a world of soul and a heart for her community?

Yep. Her.

Well, she popped in to Sole Talk to share her inspiring story, and it's such a good one!  Not only does she share the story of how she made it and what she's up to now, but she also gives so many nuggets of wisdom you can apply to your own dance lives.

In this episode of Sole Talk, you'll discover:

- How Jojo started dancing in her twenties.

- How she made it through a season of homelessness during her dance career pursuit.

- How she booked a major contract by attending class.

- How she invested in herself to take her career to the next level.

- How she's giving back to the community with her worldwide 'Diggs Deeper' events.

You are going to LOVE all the goodness in this conversation.  Check it out. : : Instagram @JojoDiggs :

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