Need a Few Dance Career Questions Answered?

Do you have any activities I can add to my Hip-Hop curriculum?  What are the benefits of attending a college dance program?  What can I do with my dance degree?  How do I get started with my career pursuit? How can I make more money to support my performance career?

Pursuing such a broad career field like dance comes with a world of possibilities as well as a world of questions.  We've all been there and have found a way to overcome those challenges to create fulfilling careers.

Let The Working Dancer help you find ways to make dance work for you too.

If you're a dance parent, aspiring or early career dancer, dance teacher, or any other form of dance professional in need of guidance, click the button below to set up a consultation.

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TWD Studio Sessions

Building a career that utilizes your passion and gifts takes work.  That's why we place such value on creating partnerships as you step out on faith to create a life that you love.  

Step into our studio!

Through our Studio Sessions, we work together to create career goals and action plans.  We offer accountability, mentorship, inspiration, and strategies as you journey to become all that you were created to be! 

In our studio sessions, you receive the following results:

  • Strategies and next steps for your personal dance career choice.
  • Insight on how to monetize your passion and gifts in service to others.
  • Strategies and action plans to start delivering your service.
  • Action plans to develop at least three revenue streams from your new service.
  • Action plans for earning your desired monthly income.
  • Solutions for mindset shifts that are specific to your personal challenges.
  • Development of professional materials to represent your service.
  • And MORE!

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"Blessed to have encountered and worked with Shate'. She is very professional and not afraid to challenge you! Shate' is just the person you need, if you plan on taking your teaching career, your dance career, or your ministry further. And, she lovingly gives homework! If you have the opportunity to work with such a vibrant and knowledgable dancer/instructor, you will not regret it." - Robin M.

"I have to admit that I was intimated, but once we started talking, it was like talking to an old friend. You're so gracious and humble and made me feel very comfortable. I will say this, everyone should have this sit down with you. You're inspiring, fresh and full of positive energy. Thank you! Yes I recommend everyone do this."   - David J.

"Had a very insightful conversation with Shate'. It's hard to find people to talk to you, give you direction, and give you the advice you need to progress.  She truly cares."   - Laneese R.

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