We are dancers, and yet so much more.  We're multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, and much like the dance, we can't always be fully expressed through words alone.

We're the ensemble and the soloist, always belonging yet somehow always standing out.  Dance chose us first, and now we choose it again and again, each day anew.

We choose passion and purpose, both a lovely adventure and a great quality of life.  We believe in dance, in our dreams, and most importantly, we believe in ourselves.

We are dancers, and we are here.



The Lab for Dance Professionals membership is the answer to so many of your dance career questions.  It's a monthly subscription of valuable professional development for your freelance dance career or emerging dance business.




The Lab for Dance Professionals is for aspiring and early career dancers, choreographers, and dance educators as well as "dancerpreneurs" with a new or existing business.  Our membership is for any dance professional who wants an easy-to-use and convenient way to learn the skills they need for a successful dance career or business WITHOUT spending thousands of dollars on business coaches or professional conferences. 




The benefits of joining The Lab for Dance Professionals include:

  • Premium 'members only' content such as trainings, workbooks, and more.
  • New online class released each month on topics such as marketing, social media, and growing your audience.
  • Access to past programs such as our 'Dance Through Life with Joy!: 20-Day Moving Meditation Experience' as well as discounts on future programs.
  • Monthly virtual group meeting to ask questions and receive support on your endeavors.
  • Access to a directory of members for networking and collaborating.
  • Discounts on ALL TWD products, services, and events.



The investment for all of the incredible benefits and value of The Lab for Dance Professionals membership is only $25 per month, less than $1 per day!  Save over 15% when you subscribe to an annual membership. 

Note: All sales are final.  Memberships cannot be refunded, transferred, or exchanged.



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