Are you ready to leave all the negative circumstances of 2016 behind you?  Do you envision a 2017 that's filled with brighter days?

Wanting your circumstances to change is only ONE-THIRD of the battle.  To actually experience real change in your life, you've got to SEE IT, SAY IT, then DO IT!

And you don't have to go it alone...

Dance Through Life with JOY! is a 20-day meditation experience that combines focused intention, positive affirmation, and movement.  This 20-day journey to joy walks you through the following process:

  1. SEE IT by centering thoughts on a specific positive intention.
  2. SAY IT by affirming the positive intention out loud.
  3. DO IT by focusing on the positive intention while moving through specific spirit aligned postures and movement.


And if knowing that you'll be dancing your way to joy isn't enough, just check out the MANY benefits of meditation.


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