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In The Freelance Dancer's Roadmap, The Working Dancer founder, Shate' L. Edwards, reveals exactly where to start your career pursuit and how to get the momentum going once you've begun.  A choreographer, dance professor, and master instructor who's taught thousands of students both domestically and abroad, she shares how she went from tanking auditions to building a career she loves.  

Through personal stories and practical tips, she lights a path that any aspiring dancer can follow.  In these pages, you'll discover, a simple 4-step process to getting work, tips on staying inspired when you're burnt out, and tips on persevering when you feel like giving up.

Your dance career is well within reach, but only if you know which steps to take.  If you're a dancer who's ready to take your career pursuit by the reins, then this book is for you.


It's time to Boss up! Take your power back from the starving artist lifestyle by learning the tools necessary to build a sustainable career as a creative freelancer. 

How to Become a Boss on Beat includes 7 skills that every dancer should know.  It sheds light on tools you'll need to help you build thriving career and offers practical tips as well. Use this book to help you #bossup in your career.


The Working Dancer Blog offers loads of insight and inspiration on finding work, professionalism, money matters, and much, much more.  Check out a few featured posts below, then head over to the Blog for more!


The Working Dancer Podcast is an AMAZING resource! Creatives are able to learn about creating sustainable careers from professionals who are really doing it!  What's even greater is that each creative entrepreneur interviewed has a different story and took a different path, but they all were able to create careers and lives that work for them!  Check out a few featured episodes, then head over to the Podcast for more.

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