Being a dance teacher can be one of the most fulfilling roles.  We get to pass on the beauty of the art form while shaping young lives in a positive way.

What I've come to value most from my experience as a dance educator is the way I've been able to teach life skills through the movement.  I developed a teaching philosophy that focuses on challenging students to take risks by stepping outside their comfort zones, on teaching them to get out of their heads by being present in the moment, and on reinforcing the idea that they can do anything by taking the fear out of failure .  

In fact, using this approach, I've helped hundreds of students learn to push past mistakes, overcome fear, and develop a greater sense of trust and confidence in themselves.  This approach is so successful that students often enrolled in my courses numerous times, sometimes for the same credit!

Using the methods I've developed from my teaching philosophy, I believe any teacher can have the same results.

I've packaged my teaching philosophy in a way that allows you to implement it with any curriculum or lesson plan.  I successfully used the same approach across several dance styles including hip-hop, jazz, tap, and more.

This is for you if:

  • You want to teach inspiring lessons that go well beyond repeating skills and regurgitating combinations.
  • You want your students to experience real growth and rise to meet their potential.
  • You want to deliver the best possible classroom experience so your students and parents keep coming back for more.