One of my favorite things about dance is that it brings people together.  And did you know that it's also a great teacher of many of life's pearls of wisdom?!

Dance offer obvious physical benefits, and it also offers great mental, emotional, and social benefits as well. In my time as a dance professor, I've helped hundreds of students find confidence, learn to overcome a fear of failure, and find a connection to their creative spirits.  

I've helped them all dance through life, and I'd like to do the same for you.  


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Dance Through Life with JOY!

I'm so excited to offer this new program that combines movement with mindful intention.  Dance Through Life with JOY!' is a powerful meditation experience that will help you make negative mindsets a thing of the past, and allow you to flourish through the new year with positivity.  

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BREAK FREE Studio Sessions

I'm so glad you've made the awesome decision to dance through life!  I know that actually getting on the dance floor can be scary, but you don't have to go it alone!  

I would LOVE to partner with you for accountability on your goals, mindset, and purposeful actions in my BREAK FREE Studio Sessions. 

In my "studio", I'll see you through my list of C's.  Together we'll:

  • Develop CONFIDENCE through mindset work, affirmations, and various self-worth exercises.
  • Foster COURAGE by learning to take the fear out of failure through risk taking exercises.
  • Cultivate your CREATIVE CONNECTION by tapping into the earning potential of your gifts.

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