Here's your chance to be a part of the premiere dance career event in Atlanta!  Make your mark on the dance industry by supporting this enriching, empowering, and educational event within a diverse and growing community.

The Dance Life Project is a one of a kind event created for aspiring and professional dancers in the Atlanta and surrounding areas.  Newly created by two professional dancers, this debut event is poised to positively influence the budding careers of hundreds of dancers.

We have a dream, and it's a big one!  Our mission is to equip dancers with valuable career skills, to empower them to thrive in the freelance workforce, and to create opportunities for them to foster authentic professional relationships.

The Dance Life Project is powered by the partnership of Shate´ Edwards of The Working Dancer and Princess Mbanuzue of Beyond The Steps, which means this TDLP event, and every one thereafter, is crafted specifically for dancers by dancers.  Each component of TDLP is conceived, orchestrated, and delivered by professionals who've built impressive careers and who desire to help the next generation of dancers do the same.


about the event

In a recent survey conducted by The Working Dancer, professional dancers cited the following as their  most pressing career problems: 

  • finding work (65%)
  • developing quality professional materials (44%)
  • budgeting/setting pay rates (41%)  

More pertinently, when asked what other skills dancers should be taught before they pursue a professional career, 65% of dancers cited some type of business skill (marketing, networking, professionalism, etc.) as their response.  To fill this need, The Dance Life Project will offer resources so that dancers are better equipped to build sustainable careers.

Career Panels: TDLP creators are calling on their connections with other expert professional dancers, choreographers, educators, and  entrepreneurs to share the most relevant dance career insight. Topics include types of dance careers, getting started, managing finances,  and branding. 

Vendors: From agents, to dance studios and companies, to healthy  eating and living advocates, to stylists, hair and makeup artists, and  more, TDLP is curating a collection of vendors who offer services for  nearly every aspect of a maintaining a dance career. 

Performances: What's a dance event without a bit of dancing?! TDLP  is opening up the floor and the stage for event attendees to do what  they do best.  Our performance slots also offer attendees a great  opportunity to be scouted by agents, choreographers, production  teams, or other industry professionals who may be looking for new  talent.

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