I'm a 'Positive Patty' by nature.  I can inherently find the silver lining or brighter side to most ANY situation.  I have an endless abundance of JOY that I draw upon each day.  And I'm not just talking happy feelings here.  I'm talking about a state of being that comes from a sense of peace despite external circumstances, and I want you to discover real joy in your own life too!

Imagine a life where you:

- Respond to situations and people with clarity and wisdom instead of reacting from emotions.

- Begin to see the beauty in every moment.

- Find contentment in doing even the most mundane activities.

- Aren't bothered when circumstances don't go as planned.

- Let go of the small things.

- Have a positive attitude that attracts more goodness to your life.


The truth is you don't have to imagine that life anymore.  You can choose it!  All you have to do is take action towards manifesting that life.  It's all about getting a vision for a joyful life, affirming that intention out loud, and taking steps to foster that joy.

And because you're here, you're already on your way!

I've created Dance Through Life with JOY! as a way to share everything I know about fostering a joy-filled life, and more importantly, as a way to partner with you each day throughout this journey.

I'm so excited to take this journey with you!  I'm ready to guide you towards being present in the moment, cultivating an attitude of gratitude, letting go of things beyond your control, and actively choosing JOY everyday.

Dance Through Life with JOY! is for you if you:

- Envision a life where you respond from a place of wisdom, peace, and truth.

- Desire an inspired way to start your day that doesn't take away too much time from your already busy schedule.

- Value time spent devoted to self care.

- Want to develop a creative connection that stems from the spirit within you.

- Are ready to experience true joy in every area of your life!

Why do I care??

I'm Shate' L. Edwards - a dance artist, educator, and entrepreneur.  I have a BA in Psychology from Spelman College and a MFA in Dance from Sam Houston State University.

I have a professional dance career that spans well over a decade. In that time, I've choreographed and taught thousands of students, both domestically and abroad.

Throughout my career, especially through my work as a dance professor, I've had the opportunity to work with many students who had little to no dance experience, many of whom battled low self-esteem or anxiety, and even several with disabilities or learning differences.   

Those experiences have taught me to look beyond dance to reach people where they are.  Coupled with my background in psychology as well as a lifetime of spiritual practice, I've developed a holistic approach to dance that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit of the mover.

Using this approach, I've seen countless students leave my classes with much more self-confidence and resilience.  So, I thought...

"If my students can experience such personal growth through dance, then anyone can."  

Now, I use my expertise and experience as a dance educator to help creatives reach their highest potential in their professional and personal lives.

The quality of life you'll be manifesting is PRICELESS, but your investment for this experience is just $47.   

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