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Dance Icon David Winters Show Us What Happens When Tough Guys Dance

David Winters has produced and directed over 80 feature films and over 200 television shows and TV movies, and is recognized as nothing short of an icon in the entertainment industry. In Tough Guys Do Dance, he shares many fascinating and, at times, jaw-dropping behind-the-scenes stories regarding his associations with some of the biggest names in show business—names like Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Barbra Streisand, and Michael Jackson, to name a few. It is filled with personal stories of David’s life that at times may seem hard to imagine and is told with David’s personal voice and real-life humility in a way that only he could tell.

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From Passion to Profits: How This Dancer's Problem Became Her Money Maker

Any one of us can be in business simply by filling a need.  That's what Erin Carpenter, founder of Nude Barre, did.  According to her feature in Dance Spirit, Erin turned one of her biggest dance problems into a successful business.  

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