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Developpe' This: 5 Skills for Building a Successful Dance Career

Traditionally, dancers have just figured things out along the way. But instead of fumbling through your journey until you find something that works, you should approach your dance career like the business that it is from the very beginning. Here are five things that every dancer should do when building their career.

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How Dancers Can Break the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle

A lot of artists have the same problem. They work like mad, and yet they can’t survive those lean months between jobs. They live paycheck to paycheck, and are absolutely desperate for that next job because they don’t know if they’ll survive until it comes along.  Fortunately, I now know how to staunch the flow. Now I’m positively thriving, and I didn’t need more cash to do it.

So what finally worked? What do I now teach my money mindset clients?  Budgeting. I don’t care if you’ve heard it or tried it before. This one actually works. 

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