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How to Start a Dance Blog and Make Money Online

Blogs allow you to share your thoughts with people all over the world.  What's even cooler is that you can create and curate content on a particular topic and generate income while helping others at the same time.  In fact, blogs have become businesses themselves, propelling their creators into entrepreneur status.  Here are a few steps to help you start your dance blog and make money online. 

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Monetize Your Gifts: Let Your Passion Pay YOU for a Change!

When we follow our heart towards those things that move us most, AND we do them in service to others, then we've got some MAJOR purpose driven living going on.  And then, when your purpose becomes your money maker....that's FREEDOM living at its best!

To discover your money maker, you need to find the sweet spot where your passion and other interests meet the need you can fill or are already filling.  I explain it all in this video.  

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