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Ask Yourself These 3 Questions Before Making Your Next Career Decision

Sometimes obligations overlap, and we’re faced with some difficult decisions. When those challenging choices come flooding in, ask yourself these three questions to help you make a decision.

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After You're Booked: The One Thing You Should Know

You booked the job of your dreams! Your hard work has finally paid off, right? Well, just a heads up: there’s a lot more work ahead of you. We all know to shine our hardest in auditions. Here’s what I wish I had realized when I booked the job…

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Think Again: 3 Dance Career Myths That Aren't True!

There's a decent amount of educating that needs to take place when it comes to pursuing dance as a profession.  Most people have no clue about what it takes to build, what the day-to-day looks like, or whether sustainability is even possible. Continue to reading to discover the truth about 3 common dance career myths.

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How to Make Extra Money as a Dancer

With the awesome technology we now have at our fingertips, there are a number of ways you can use your craft to generate some extra income...IF you're willing to step outside your comfort zone and get creative. Here are 7 ways to earn extra money as a dancer.

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Protect Your Pockets: How to Make Sure Your Dance Job Pays You

If you've been through a situation where you weren't paid for your work (like many of us have), the bad news is that you lost out on money that you were counting on and, in fact, earned.  The good news, however, is that you learned a valuable lesson on how brutal the business can be.

Whether you've experienced this or not, continue reading to discover 5 ways you can protect your pockets from this type of misfortune. 

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How Dancers Can Break the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle

A lot of artists have the same problem. They work like mad, and yet they can’t survive those lean months between jobs. They live paycheck to paycheck, and are absolutely desperate for that next job because they don’t know if they’ll survive until it comes along.  Fortunately, I now know how to staunch the flow. Now I’m positively thriving, and I didn’t need more cash to do it.

So what finally worked? What do I now teach my money mindset clients?  Budgeting. I don’t care if you’ve heard it or tried it before. This one actually works. 

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4 Types of Dance Careers & How They Make Money

We all know that there's no set path to becoming a professional dancer.  Aside from the years of training, dedication, and hard work, no two dancer's career paths will be exactly the same.  So your starting point is here...ready to be a #workingdancer.  Next, you'll need to know where you're going.  Here's some insight to help you find your destination. 

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3 Ways to Find More Dance Work

Finding work as a professional dancer can be tricky, to say the least.  There just seems to be far more dancers than there are jobs.  I searched high and low for dance work, tried a few different approaches, and actually found something that worked.  Using the tips I'm about to share, not only was I able to find consistent work, but work also found me!  

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