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Tips for Nourishing a Sustainable Dance Career

It is imperative that as a dancer you consider your body, mind, and soul as well as a variety of revenue streams when building a sustainable career.  Here are a few tips to help you nourish yourself and your career. 

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How to Start Your Own Dance Convention

Producing a successful dance convention takes just as much gusto as any other business venture.  If you're entertaining the idea of creating the next big convention, check out these tips from Geena Ngaaje, choreographer, movement coach, and creator and executive producer of Dallas Hip-Hop Dance Festival. 

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Quick Tip on Web Presence: Why Social Media Profiles Aren't Enough

When it comes to your online presence, don't make the same mistake so many solopreneurs make time and again of relying solely on social media platforms to showcase your work.  Here's a quick tip on why your web presence needs more than a few social media profiles. 

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Protect Your Pockets: How to Make Sure Your Dance Job Pays You

If you've been through a situation where you weren't paid for your work (like many of us have), the bad news is that you lost out on money that you were counting on and, in fact, earned.  The good news, however, is that you learned a valuable lesson on how brutal the business can be.

Whether you've experienced this or not, continue reading to discover 5 ways you can protect your pockets from this type of misfortune. 

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Developpe' This: 5 Skills for Building a Successful Dance Career

Traditionally, dancers have just figured things out along the way. But instead of fumbling through your journey until you find something that works, you should approach your dance career like the business that it is from the very beginning. Here are five things that every dancer should do when building their career.

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