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Chronicles of a #WorkingDancer

Every blog post I've posted thus far has been geared towards giving you insight you can apply to your dance career pursuit, but this one's a little different. This one's for me. It's my way of counting my blessings. I'm acknowledging where I've been in my dancer career journey and how I've gotten where I am today.

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Networking for Dancers

Networking is vital in developing your professional dance career, and I've laid it all out in my upcoming book, The Freelance in Dance Road Map. The book outlines four key steps to getting work as well as a plethora of additional tips to help you along the way. Here's a sneak preview of the section on networking.

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Sole Talk #2: Biggest Obstacle as a Working Dancer?

"What has been your biggest obstacle as a working dancer?" My response may throw you for a loop. See  for yourself. 

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