From Passion to Profits: How This Dancer's Problem Became Her Money Maker

Creating a life where your passion profits is the dream right?  We're all done with the starving artist lifestyle, right?!

Well, that's the aim of The Working Dancer.  To give you all the resources you need to continue working.

One of the principles we started sharing early on is the idea of monetizing your gifts.  What we mean by that, is finding a way to combine your passions and other interests in a way that can solve a problem.  That's all business is anyways...problem solving.

Think about it.  You need food?  There are grocery stores and restaurants.  Need your hair done? Insert hair stylists here.  Transportation? That's where cars, trains, planes, etc. come into play.

So you see, any one of us can be in business simply by filling a need.

That's what Erin Carpenter, founder of Nude Barre, did.  According to her feature in Dance Spirit, Erin turned one of her biggest dance problems into a successful business.

At the age of 16, Erin participated in a residency program that required her to wear nude colored tights.  At the time, she was unable to find anything that matched her skin tone, and as a result, wasn't allowed in class because she didn't meet the dress code.  From then on, and throughout much of Erin's dance career, she's spent countless hours dyeing her tights and shoes to match her skin tone.  

This huge problem became the inspiration for Erin's business.  She soon set out to make tights that represent the skin tones of all dancers.  And so, Nude Barre, was born.  With the support of celebrity fans such as Tyra Banks, Wendy Williams, and Laverne Cox, just to name a few, Nude Barre has gained an impressive following and become quite successful.  In fact, the company has expanded to include a range of intimate and active apparel.

Click here to check out Erin's full story in Dance Spirit. 

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