Letters to a Young Dancer #1: Dance Career or Not?

One of the common questions you'll face once you've been dancing seriously for a while is whether or not you want to go pro.  Dance teachers always feel a sense of pride and excitement when one of their own decides to follow in their footsteps.

However, a career in dance isn't for everyone.

The truth is that dance is a very competitive industry, and many dancers have a very hard time building sustainable careers.

I'm sure you've heard it from me before, but it's worth saying again here.  It takes much more than talent to build a successful dance career.  Just because you love dance and have a talent for it, doesn't mean you'd enjoy the hustle and bustle of making it your career.

If I busted your bubble with that bit of truth, then this next part should lift your spirits.

If you've spent a significant amount of time with dance, then you've acquired some great skills that will serve you greatly in ANY career field you choose.  Skills like discipline, problem solving, teamwork, communication, creativity, and much more, will help you carry a part of dance with you wherever you go.

So, here's our first letter to you, dear friend.  May it help guide you down the best path for your life.

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