JOY Is About More Than Just Happy Feelings

What comes to your mind when you think about someone who lives a joy-filled life?

Do you imagine someone who has a peaceful and positive vibe, or do you think of the overly happy person who gets on your nerves?

Tell the truth friend.  

I'm sure many people equate joy with happy feelings.  And what's even worse, many people are even annoyed by some of those happy people.

Well...I'm here to dispel the myth.

Choosing JOY is about so much more than happy feelings.

Because let's face, it's humanly impossible to be happy ALL the time.  We all face disappointments, setbacks, and failures.  

Happiness is linked to external things, like achievements, other people, or ideal circumstances.

JOY, on the other hand, is a state of being.  It's this steady stream of trust and peace that lies within each of us.

Joy is about looking beyond your circumstances and responding to life, instead of reacting to it.  

It's a choice, not an involuntary, knee-jerk emotion.

It's a way of living that draws from wisdom, truth, and spirit.

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