Dollars and Sense: How Your Mindset Affects Your Finances

Did you know that your mindset is directly related to your money?  

If you THINK dancers are supposed to be poor, then your actions will always lead you to create that reality.  You'll always live the starving artist lifestyle because you BELIEVE that's as good as it gets for you.

Hopefully, you've spent enough time at to know that you're worth far more than the starving artist lifestyle.  

I'm sure you already know how committed we are to helping dancers level up their professional and personal lives, and that includes their pocketbook too!

And we're not the only ones! 

Our friend Katherine Pomerantz of is also on a mission to help artists #bossup in their finances.

In fact, Katherine featured us as guests on her blog.  I created a blog post about the relationship between your money and your mindset, and I just HAD to share it with you too.

Here's some insight on how your mindset affects your finances.

"Most people want more money, right? Especially artists. We’re always looking for ways to get more work so that we can make more money.

Because, let’s face it. We do need money to maintain a decent quality of life. Yes, our art gives us those top-of-the-world highs, but top-of-the-world highs don’t pay the bills. Money does.

When it comes to making money, we’re culturally wired to believe that only luck or a certain amount of effort brings about favorable sums of money. According to this way of thinking, we must either win the lotto, luck up on an inheritance, or bust our butts with some mega hustle in order to become financially wealthy.

I’d like to suggest that only part of that belief is true. The part about the lotto is pretty true, but when it comes to working hard, hustle alone won’t get you the big bucks if you don’t have the right mindset to support it.

Law of attraction dictates that you’ll produce more of what you think on most. Which means, you can have all the hustle in the world, but if you’re hustling from a mindset of lack, you’ll just be producing more lack.

For instance, if you’re building a freelance business, and you approach every client consultation (or audition) from a place of desperation or a place of “I really need this opportunity to pay my bills,” then chances are you won’t book that opportunity. Even though your actions support generating income, your thoughts support lack.

What you believe about any given situation will always trump your actions surrounding it. In fact, limiting beliefs are one of the biggest obstacles you may face, and they get you nowhere fast.

If you truly want to reach your goals, financial or otherwise, it’s critical that you align your thoughts with your actions. Here are a few tips to help you level up your mindset, which will, in turn, help you level up your money too."

Click here to discover 3 simple money and mindset tips.

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