How to Make the Best Dance Marketing Videos for Social Media

Live, produced, raw. In your feed, in your story, even in your messages. On IG, Facebook, Twitter, Snapshot…you name it.

We get videos just about every way on EVERY platform. It’s one of the most popular methods of self-promotion these days.

Here’s the thing, marketing vids are about more than just interesting content. They’re being used for branding, to grow your audience, and to promote your work, which hopefully leads to more money in your pockets.

Since there are so many videos competing for everyone’s attention, it’s extremely important to create compelling videos that do what they’re intended to do. Check out these tips from a recent article I wrote for Dance Magazine to discover the secret to creating dance marketing videos people will actually want to watch.

1. It’s all about the message.

Great marketing videos go beyond the movement. They tell a story, or better yet, evoke a feeling that moves the viewer. When developing videos to promote your work, make sure you pay as much attention to the message as you do the movement.

“The audience doesn't care about what's onstage. They care about the experience," says Mark Ciglar, founder and creative director of video production company Cinevative, on the podcast CI to Eye. When planning content for a video, he suggests asking, "Who's the audience, what do we want them to feel, and how can we get them to feel that to such a degree that it requires them to act on that feeling?”

2. Quality is key.

Make sure you’re a step above the competition with high quality footage. The best videos are a work of art, in and of themselves.

"Your videos need to be thumb-stopping," says Erik Gensler, founder and president of digital marketing firm Capacity Interactive. "Use those first three seconds to grab someone's attention."

3. The conversation can’t end there.

It takes more than one post to make an impact. To convert strangers to fans, and fans to loyal customers, you’ll need to continue the conversation with ongoing content.

Come up with a strategy before you actually create the material so you can be sure to get what you'll need. Hurwitz even suggests planning your video campaigns when you're planning your season. "If you find a way to visually create this consistent messaging, it has a bigger impact," he says.

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