5 Dance Career Tips from Industry Choreographer Chuck Maldonado

Hey Dance Fam.  So, I was scrolling through some old footage, and I stumbled upon a couple of videos from some events I used to produce.  Several years ago, I had a company called Arts Life Entertainment through which I produced arts showcases and master classes.

My goal for ALE was the same as TWD, to get dancers in front of the resources they need to help them develop their careers.  I just did it in a different way.

Anywho, I brought my friend from LA, choreographer Chuck Maldonado, to Houston to teach a master class to some of the dancers there, and I forgot that I'd asked him to give a few dance career tips before he left.

Well, of course he gives great advice.  He's a #WorkingDancer; well, more like a #WorkingChoreographer who has choreographed movies like Stomp the Yard, and Step Up 4 as well as a whole slew of commercials, music videos, and more.

You can imagine my excitement when I found these tips.  It's exactly the type of content I love to share with the #WorkingDancer fam.

So I've reposted the video here.  Stick around after the tips.  I also included a snippet of the class he taught.  You'll see me and my old school hair cut as well as my H-town dance homie, Chaci Gonzalez.  Please forgive the poor quality of the footage.  It's old...shot well before I leveled up my technology game.  

Check it out.

Great stuff, right?  Fun combo, and great dance career tips.  Just in case you missed those tips, here they are again.

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